About Us

Local Values

Restaurant Arken is run by an energetic entrepreneur family that holds a lively countryside culture, local traditions and local values close to their heart. Restaurant Arken is the newest of the family’s three businesses.

Our vision has been to create a unique archipelago experience out of a traditional seaside restaurant. You can enjoy lunch or dinner with us in the stunning setting of Kvarken. We want to offer a wonderful dining experience, but also make you have a visit you won’t forget. Thus, we regularly host bands, live music and other entertainment in our restaurant. Enjoy a couple of cold drinks on our terrace while ensembles and bands embellish the beautiful archipelago with sweet tunes from their instruments.

Renewed Arken

We have remodeled the restaurant’s interior and menu. Because we hold local values close to our heart, we use local products and ingredients in our dishes as much as possible. We bring decadent marine flavors easily available to hungry visitors, and we’ve kept some renowned classics on the menu as well.

Casual Dining

We want to offer you a relaxed and delicious opportunity for a family pitstop or a romantic dinner for two. We warmly welcome you and your family to enjoy the stunning seaside scenery and our decadent dishes!

Kids can go swimming at the beach right next to us (Raippaluodon Uimaranta).