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Restaurant Arken is located in the atmospheric guest marina in the village of Raippaluoto. From the restaurant’s terrace, you will experience the silhouette view of the Replot Bridge surrounded by Kvarken scenery. Which together make a unique view.


On the terrace you can have ice cream, refreshing drinks or you can enjoy the dishes prepared by the kitchen – a tasty moment of locally produced food is crowned by the nearby sea and the wonderful world heritage landscape!


And so the restaurant fell silent… A big thank you to all our customers for this summer!

After that we’ll see you again in the summer of 2024




Covid-19 information! Please make sure that you will only arrive to our restaurant healthy. Take care of your hand hygiene and use hand sanitizer. Keep a safe distance from other customers and wait for guidance to the tables.

Br, Arken Staff


Behind Arken is an entrepreneur and a family of entrepreneurs, for whom a vibrant countryside and the preservation of local values ​​are important.


“My vision has been to create a unique archipelago experience from a seaside restaurant where you can enjoy lunch or dinner in the stunning scenery of the Kvarken.


We have been working towards to clarify the flavors and portions from last summer. We are also bringing out the portions in a new way and we have further modified some of the portions to make the dining experience even more enjoyable for you.


Learning and moving forward is also very important in this profession and that is why we strive to innovate and create always something new.”


Kimmo Kauppila
Restaurant Manager







Locally produced delicious food

À-la-carte list


Arkens Archipelago Plate
LF, ( GF )
17,40 €
Gin and cranberry Gravlax, Sea-Buckthorn Herring, Sugar-Salted Gravwhitefish, Salmon pastrami, skagen, Potatoes, Blackcurrant Mustard and Dill Cream
Drink recommendation: Lindeman´s Chardonnay
Whitefish Soup
LF, ( GF )
9,50 € / main course 15,40 €
Creamy Soup with Cooked Whitefish
Drink recommendation: Karhu Platina
Beetroot and pumpkin
(l, G, Veg)
9,80 €
Karameliced beetroot, rosted pumpkin, seeds, grandmothers cucumbers
Drink recommendation:
L (GL)
10,40 €
Shrimps, red onion, lime, mayonnaise, sour cream, roasted sour bread, Arken archipelago bread
Drink recommendation:


Perch À la Arken
24,00 €
Kvarken’s Perch Fillets Fried in Butter, Fresh Vegetables of the Season, New Potatoes, Beurre Blanc -Sauce, Cucumber Fennel
Drink recommendation: Riesling Vom Kalkstein
Shrimp Caesar Salad
23,30 €
Msc-certified Hand Peeled Shrimp 180g, Romain and Iceberg Lettuce, Pickled Red Onion, Egg, Horseradishmayonaise, Arken’s CaesarSauce, Caviart
Drink recommendation:
Beef Sirloin
29,50 €
Beef Sirloin 200g, Made of Locally Produced Beef, Smoked KIppari cheese Potato, vegetables of the season,Redwine sauce and Herb butterl
Drink recommendation: Zenato Valpolicella


Shrimp Sandwich
LF, (GF)
23,50 €
Levain-Bread, Msc-certified shrimp 180g, Mayonnaise, Fresh Salad, Pickled Red Onion, Cherry Tomatoes, Egg, Lime Slices and Arken’s Archipelago Bread
Drink recommendation: Riesling Vom Kalkstein
Harbour's Perch Sandwich
LF, (GF)
23,50 €
Levain-Bread, Kvarken’s Perch Fillets, hand peeled shrimps, Horseradishmayonnaise, Fresh Salad, Egg, Cherry Tomatoes and Lobster sauce
Drink recommendation: Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc


Replot Burger
19,10 €
Locally Produced Whole Meat Beef Patty 2x 90g, fluffy burger bun, 2x Cheddar, Aioli, Fresh Salad, Tomato, Grandmothers cucumber and French Fries
Drink recommendation: Karhu III
Arken Burger
19,10 €
Fresh Kvarken Perch 120-150g, fluffy burger bun, hand peeled shripms, Aioli, Fresh Salad, Grandmothers cucumber French Fries
Drink recommendation: Liindeman´s Chardonnay
Vegan Burger
LF, (GF), V
18,40 €
Vegan Patty, Vegan Burger Bun, Vegan Mayonaise, Fresh Salad, Tomato and French Fries
Drink recommendation:


Creme Brúle
10,50 €
Berries, licorisemeringue
Cheese plate
, GF
12,50 €
3 different cheese, crispbread, figmarmelade
Double Chokolate
10,00 €
Homemade mud cake, milkchokolatemousse and raspberry sauce


Arken's Whitefish Soup
9,00 €
Burgers (Meat / Perch)
9,00 €
Shrimp Toast
9,00 €
Perch À la Arken
9,00 €

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